October 20th, 2009

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How can you reach “The Doodle Daily”?


The Doodle Daily is the official blog of Tjomies Vintage Stationery, the best way to reach me is via e-mail :  warren@tjomiesvintagestationery.com

What got you started Doodling?

I have always had a pen in hand.  I scribble whenever and wherever I can.  I have notebooks and journals that are filled with mini doodles.  Most of these are not publishable.  Recently I decided to take a blank sheet of paper into meetings and on phone calls and started drawing in more earnest.  The results is “The Doodle Daily”

How did you arrive at the 365 day project?

No it wasn’t “Julie & Julia” that got me started with the “post a new doodle every day” project.  I got the idea after seeing Noah Scalin of  “Skull-a-day” who started his 365 day project posting a new Skull every day for a year and then got his designs published.  Maybe i’ll have similar luck. My business partner Lisa was in the audience when he was on the Martha Stewart show and brought back his book.  That was inspiration enough.

Why Doodles?

Why not?  I never thought of myself as an artist, but more of a free hand scribbler.  It was only when people started commenting on my scribbles that I realized Doodling is a very respected art form.  As you will see in this blog,  there are many different styles of doodles.  I will try and embrace them all.

Can I share my doodles with you?

Absolutely.  I would love to see anybody else’s work and will post it online for others to enjoy.  So feel free to contact me and share your ideas.  If you also have a blog of your own.  I will included it in my list of favorites.  It is fun for us to collaborate and share ideas.

May I download your art?

Unfortunately all my work is copywrite protected. Dowloading it is the same as stealing it.  I spend a lot of time creating my art work and I take great pride in sharing it with you.  If you love the art that much, just contact me about buying a piece.

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