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Lisa’s Blogging Again

January 16th, 2012 No comments

Lisa, my good friend and partner in all things creative, has until now been dormant on her blog called “A Vintage Dream”.  Recently she got her creative juices going and started blogging again.  A very welcome return.  She usually blogs about all the amazing vintage items she sells and gets creative with, but today, she took out her pencils and posted a doodle drawing of her own, which I told her had to be included in my World Doodle Challenge.  So I grabbed the images she posted(with her permission) and I have included them here as well as on the Challenge page.

Lisa, has been an amazing friend and business partner of mine for the longest time.  We started our Tjomies Vintage Stationery together and we are the official distributors of Picture Pockets here in the US.  I plan on blogging about that as well this week, because I have figured out it’s a great way to display my work and want to share with all of you too…. stay tuned.  Lisa was also one of the major inspirations for getting my blog going and she has been supportive the whole time.

While you are at it, check out the e-bay store Lisa and my wife started to promote some of the amazing vintage accessories that they have to sell and be sure to like Lisa’s Accessories of Old Facebook page too.   She will be over the moon (and she has some great giveaways from time to time, so it’s a super site to follow)

Ok, enough Lisa plugging for one night,  we don’t want to inflate her Ego too much.  Take a look at her pencil doodle instead.



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Cheryl’s Paisley Post-it

August 28th, 2010 No comments

Today I received a beautiful pasily post-it note doodle from Cheryl.  You may have seen her awesome work.  I have a link to her site on my blog roll.  but for those who haven’t here it is again called Journals & Sketchbooks Cheryl sent me this amazing post-it and I knew I had to get it up as soon as possible.  Thanks Cheryl for sharing.

If any of you want to share your doodle creations, there is always a home for you on The Doodle Daily.  I even have a separate category for guest doodlers.  Hey if people can share 1 million giraffes around the world, they can definietly share their doodles too.

Enjoy and once again a big thanks to Cheryl.

Cheryl's Paisley Post-it

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First Guest

May 18th, 2010 No comments

My colleague Katie, has watched and followed my doodles quite diligently all year and she has wanted to contribute her “meeting” doodles to the sight for a long time.  So today as we sat in a data issues meeting, she was busy drawing the whole time…. it was a short meeting so she hurriedly handed over a sheet and said she wanted to be my first guest doodler.

So Katie, here you are (and I know you check the site daily)  Thanks for your support and being my first guest….. hopefully there will be many more.

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