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Day 1035 – Loosey Goosey

April 30th, 2012 No comments

This is a tribute doodle to the crazy geese that decided to nest right out side the entrance to our office.  Geese can be very protective and papa goose went on the attack many a time.  I have seen the bruises of “goose bites” and actually witnessed a grown man being floored by an overly aggressive goose.  They are mean fellows.  Needles to say after several weeks the goslings hatched and this past Thursday they waddled off to the lake to start their new life.   I know that Mrs Goose is most happy to get up and stretch her webbed feet and we are a lot safer now that the family has moved away.

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Day 1034 – TotemPeople

April 29th, 2012 No comments

Just playing around with faces

turned into a totem pole

or something like that!

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Day 1033 – L’il Llama

April 28th, 2012 No comments

Don’t you just love the L’il Llama?

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Day 1032 – Friday Friday

April 27th, 2012 No comments

Made it through another long busy week.

A good week

but a very busy week.

Rest easy, the weekend is here.

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Day 1031 – Thursday Thursday

April 26th, 2012 No comments

The Thursday Doodle Demon

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Day 1030 – Wednesday Wednesday

April 25th, 2012 No comments

What Will Wednesday’s Doodle be?

What will Warren do on Wednesday?

Wave the Wednesday Doodle Wand

Warren’s Wild n Wicked Wednesday Doodle

“Say that 7 times fast”…

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Day 1029 – Tuesday Tuesday

April 24th, 2012 No comments

Am I going to keep this up all week…

we’ll have to wait and see.

A touch o purple for a Tuesday.

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Day 1028 – Monday Monday

April 23rd, 2012 No comments

Another crazy week ahead?

Let’s hope for a good one.

If nothing else

find time to pick up  a pen a draw.

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Day 1027 – Earth Day 2012

April 22nd, 2012 No comments

Today is Earth Day.

Celebrate the wonders of Nature.

Celebrate the World.

Change one bad habit, today

and you’ll be changed for good!

Celebrate the World around us.

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Day 1026 – Record Store Day

April 21st, 2012 No comments

I just found out that Record Store Day is an international event.  Since we recently re-discovered vinyl in our house thanks to my son insisting he had to have a turntable.  That music does not sound the same unless it’s needle on wax.  I thought I  had abandoned vinyl a long time ago.  I have boxes of “moldy oldy” records that have literally being growing mold in the basement.  Now 20 years they have resurfaced and today I am being dragged off to partake in the event known simply as “Record Store Day”

To be honest, I am quite excited about hunting down old albums and bringing vinyl back to life in the household.  So if you have a love of the old 33’s then join in the fun put the ipod away, leave the CD’s in their Jewel cases and flip a disc.  Vinyl is still very much alive.

Here’s a doodle tribute to ‘the sweet sound of music’.

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