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Day 1 – Welcome Tjomies!

June 29th, 2009 2 comments

With Doodle-a-day, I plan to post a new doodle every day along with many fun facts that are relevant to Tjomies Vintage Stationery. Doodle Art has become a large part of where I see  Tjomies going.  We started with a few holiday greetings and now have a whole range of greeting cards that are built around my doodles.

For years I have sat in meetings or on conference calls always with a pen in hand.  Never did I think that my scribbles would ever amount to anything.  I have pages and pages of designs that  until now had no home.  Well that is about to change.  Visit us regularly to see what new creations I have drummed up.

For starters here is the first image,  which is also one of my favorites.  Some will be in their original state, some in full color, even some that have made it onto our greeting card collection.  I hope you will enjoy.


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