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Day 452 – Late Entry

September 25th, 2010 No comments

I had major issues getting into my blog last night, so today’s doodle comes to you a little later than normal.  The important thing is that it is still Day 452, so we did not miss a beat.  Coming to the end of the purple series, but as we all know…. nothing ever truely comes to an end, so purple will be back.  This one I just scanned in, so the purple did not come out as bold as I would have liked.

Enough said, here’s todays doodle:

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Day 451 – Long week

September 24th, 2010 3 comments

This week feels like it went on and on forever, and we are only getting started with Friday. It has been insanely busy and we had to deal with the Twitter Hacker and Facebook going down, what a week.

Yesterday I spent 3 straight hours in meetings back to back. I got a ton of really cool doodles drawn. They will show up next week. Here’s another in the purple series. I am sure you will all be sick of “the Color purple” (no offence Whoopi & Oprah) after this weeks experiment is over.

I do like all these doodles though. Here’s another where the photographed and scanned image came out so differently.

Photo of the image


here is the



The Scanned Version

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Day 449 – 2Scan or not 2Scan

September 22nd, 2010 3 comments

Here is Day 3 of the Purple series.  This one highlights the difference between the scanned image and the photo image.  The Scanned image shows the look I was going for.  A continuation of yesterday’s wave,   but you don’t see the sharp colors.  hopefully the photo below portrays that.


as you can see

the scanned version

does not show the colors

half as well.

and here

is the image

in it’s

original state.

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Day 446 – Mini Posts

September 19th, 2010 2 comments

I often so my series of post-it doodles, which i love.  Working in the confines of the small post-it and coming up with something unique and different every time.  I am actually gathering all of them together to create a post-it mosaic.

These I did on the even smaller mini-postit. A mere 2 x 1.5 inch space  Not much space to be overly creative, but this is what I was able to come up with.  Most of these are done at my desk, while on the phone.  I grab a pen and the nearest note and do something.

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Day 443 – A bunch of …

September 16th, 2010 No comments

I saw this article the other day about how there is a campaign out there now that makes baby carrots seem sexy.  They created this provocative add campaign for mini peeled carrots. I was in hysterics.  What’s next, Melons that are luscious and hot or super sexy Aubergine.

So I thought I would take another look at the carrot and see if it entices one, or turns you on.

Here’s  my doodled bunch, major turn on right!!!

A bunch of...

and below is one of the the Sexy baby carrot ads, also check out this other  link, with more.

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Art of Day Feature

September 15th, 2010 2 comments

The doodle daily was the featured artist on Art of Day today.

Check out the site:

Pretty cool.

They have some amazing talented artists featured on the site.

It’s an honor to be included amongst them

Thanks to James at Art of Day.

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Day 423 – Back Up & Post-it

August 27th, 2010 No comments

Crash Aborted!

I am back up and running and able to post on a regular schedule and keep the streak alive. We will not miss a day.  Yesterday, while I was down (at home) I was able to post a couple of twitpics of some post-it note doodles I had lying around the office.  Then I realized I had scanned a while bunch a while back, so those became the segue to today’s doodle.  It’s been a while since I did a series on post-it notes, so now is a good a time as ever.

These have always been a favorite of mine.  It’s so easy, while you are on the phone at work to grab a post-it and start scribbling.  Well those scribbles turned into doodles, which in turn found a life of their own online.

If you do a quick search for post-it on my blog, you will see the many others that I have done.  Here is today’s series.

Post-it #1

Post-it #2

post-it #3

post-it #4

Post-it #5

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Are you following DD?

August 17th, 2010 No comments

The Doodle daily is putting out a quest for more Twitter & Facebook followers.  I have some amazing give aways coming up soon and I would love more followers, so that more of you can enjoy what I have to offer.

So, if you are on  

Click on the link to the left and become a fan of

and if you are on

Click on the Twitter link above and follow @thedoodledaily

show your FAN appreciation.

Day 388 – Voting Closed

July 23rd, 2010 No comments

Later today we will know who won as the best blog in DC and win or lose this was a fun experience.  Even just to be recognized as on of the Top 10 blogs in a city like Washington, DC is amazing.  And to all of you who voted, I want to say a big thank you.

Before the voting closed, I took this snapshot of the “Poll”, so you can see who all was nominated:

It even mentions that blatant voter rigging, but all that aside, “The Doodle Daily” made the Top 10 (which was cut to the Top 9) and that is so special for “The little blog that could”

Now, back to today’s Tattoo doodle:

Aren’t these designs so special?

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Day 387 – Wow!

July 22nd, 2010 No comments

What an amazing day!  First my blog gets nominated as one of the TOP 10 blogs in DC.  Then we have a crazy day of voting (and I do want to thank all of you who logged on to vote) and lo and behold, some smart ass has to mess with the votes and get themselves and their blog  eliminated.

The great thing is “The Doodle Daily” is still in the running, so now you all have to go out and vote once again.  You have until 12:01 am on Friday morning to vote.  So log on to WTOP, select “The doodle Daily” in the box that says “today’s poll” and vote, vote, vote.  We can win this.

We know that everybody has doodled at sometime or other, be it in a meeting, on the phone, on a napkin or magazine cover.  So you can all relate.  The Doodle is as much an art form as anything and Art is so prevalent in DC.  We fit DC to a tee.

So go out and vote.  Once again here is the link to cast your vote.

Today’s doodle pics up where we left off yesterday, with our new section on re-facing.  This one is one of my favorites.  The shape of the back was so perfect to draw on, like a permanent tattoo and she has a message to add as well.  So this one is for a Great Cause as well.

Here’s today’s refaced doodle for Day 387.  NOW GO VOTE!

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